What’s new with Akeneo 1.6? What’s new with Akeneo 1.6?

What’s new with Akeneo 1.6?

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on 5 December 2016


The new version of Akeneo, labelled 1.6, came out at the beginning of the month; as the public release took place last week, this is an occasion to review the new functions.

New design

The first thing visible when you arrive on this new version are the new login background, the new icons, and new colors. A special award for the dashboard that gained in clarity!


Compatibility with Excel

A highly awaited function, it is now possible to import/export all data (products, categories, families, etc.) directly from an Excel file!
The quick export also has the advantage of this technical progress.

No more creating a CSV file then converting it to a UTF8-without BOM – often forgotten, which caused an import failure.
Remember to save your files with .xlsx (starting with Office 2007).

On the technical side, Akeneo did not reinvent the wheel and used the Spout library from Box.com – long live Open source!

Export Builder

An enormous evolution (revolution?) for exports, a new ultra-complete interface makes it possible to define the precise information to export.
First, languages and attributes:


Going even further, the families, the status, order of completion, time conditions, attribute categories and filters can be defined… ouch!


By correctly personalizing these exports, gains in speed will be possible.

Export from the Interface

Another function regularly requested from the product list, filter your products, define the columns to display, (quick)export and you will have the same results as in the file! Quick and efficient.


Maintain a light data base

Every PIM user saw the version management chart increase day to day. Except for putting personalized scripts in place, no solution existed at the time.

This new version offers the possibility of using a purge task on the execution history – where’s the interest in keeping an import that’s 6 months old? – as well as the version histories (products, categories, families, etc.)

For more information: https://docs.akeneo.com/master/cookbook/purge/purge_job_execution.html

Rules and interface motor (EE only)

New operators were defined (!=, NOT IN, IS NOT EMPTY), the idea being to define narrower rules that allow for acceleration in the execution of rules.
For more information: https://docs.akeneo.com/master/cookbook/rule/general_information_on_rule_format.html

Another nice surprise, a management interface that enables execution or deletion of one or several rules. The number of products impacted by a rule is also indicated.

It should be noted that the rules are also automatically recalculated following a mass edit (can be deactivated if necessary).

Calculation of Completion

Until now, an import or mass edition reinitialized completion which could be frustrating. The calculation is now automatic so there’s no need to wait for a task scheduled for the next day at 5am!

Other improvements

The open right tab on the product print file, for example, the completion chart, remains open on each product file for sequential printing.

The number of the page in the product grid is maintained when a user comes back to the grid from a product file. Come on, admit it, it was about time 🙂

Defining a read-only attribute (EE only) is no longer defined at the group attribute but on the attribute.

On the technical side, PHP 7, is now available on an experimental basis (all the tests have not yet been conducted). Don’t hesitate to try and to give feedback on any problems to Akeneo.


As usual, Akeneo supplied the necessary migration for the evolution of your version 1.5 to version 1.6. As the latter is rather large, schedule a little bit more time.
Available here: https://github.com/akeneo/pim-community-dev/blob/1.6/UPGRADE-1.6.md

This version will be maintained until March 2018.
For more information, we invite to view the webinar put online by Akeneo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWEL5PNwUok



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What’s new with Akeneo 1.6?