Magento Themes: important points to consider Magento Themes: important points to consider

Magento Themes: important points to consider

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on 6 December 2016


For some entrepreneurs, choosing a Magento theme seems to be the perfect solution as it can reduce the costs of an e-commerce project and also improve the “time to market”. The Magento themes can be much more affordable than starting from nothing but attention should be paid to several criteria that must be taken into consideration before making a final decision.
The primary reasons where Magento themes may create problems long-term for an e-commerce site are the following:

1. Bad SEO Practices

Magento themes are pre-built sites and they sometimes use excessive and inefficient coding. Further, they can provide negative indicators for search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Where there are negative indicators for search engines, this can have significant impact on your e-commerce site’s traffic. When you own an e-commerce site, you are aware that the site’s traffic plays an important role in the sale of your products or services.

2. Major Problems for Updates

If you choose a pre-built Magento theme and you need to personalize the theme, there’s a strong chance that you will have problems for updates. This problem is not only present with Magento or WordPress but with most other CMS.
In order to have a good e-commerce site which allows for a higher return on investment, the site must be built with a clear and precise objective which is defined by the user beforehand. The site must also be designed to offer the user a positive experience at all times.

3. Limited Flexibility

It is possible to find a pre-built site that you love and that meets your needs. But what happens when it’s time to develop or when a competitor introduces a simpler method for a customer purchase experience? The sad truth is that it is sometimes difficult to support these updates.
The difference between a Magento site and a personalized site is that the personalized site will always allow you the option of improving or adding certain functions. This is not the case with a pre-built site such as a Magento theme. A personalized site built from nothing is designed to have all the tools and plug-ins your company needs (ERP connection – Momentis, Visual 2000 or SAP – loyal customer program, etc.)
There is no limit to what your site could do. However, with a Magento theme, it can be very difficult to add new concepts and above all this can prove to be costly.

4. Coding Quality

The quality of coding is always a problem with pre-built sites because there can be certain errors, performance issues, and plug-ins. There is also an enormous security risk for your e-commerce site. When one builds a transactional site it is always important to guarantee that the platform is secure for you and for your users. And that’s not all. Bad quality coding can also affect several other components on your site for example, page loading time which can be detrimental to your web site’s traffic, as shown on the following infograph: Here

In a competitive market, a brand should offer a unique experience exactly like a traditional store. If I sell high-end products, I cannot offer a buying experience like that at Walmart’s. The same thing is true in the choice of a theme incorporating branding: the brand’s DNA results from a thousand details which must be personalized.

It is always important to take the four above-mentioned points into consideration before making a decision that could affect your company.
Further, you should always ensure that the Magento theme was created by a certified professional and that customer service is available should ever you need it.



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Magento Themes: important points to consider