Ba&sh loves SCC Ba&sh loves SCC

Ba&sh loves SCC

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on 13 April 2018


Ba&sh is the story of two friends, Barbara & Sharon who wanted to share their ideal wardrobe. As a result, the brand was designed like a wardrobe, elaborated and composed of purist articles with others more cutting-edge, for day as for night, in monochromatic shades or exclusive prints.

With the great success of its boutiques, ba&sh wanted support in its digital development in order to meet its ambitions. The brand looked into finding a partner agency. altima° was chosen!

The challenges of this new collaboration

To meet its ambition, ba&sh wanted to rely on a robust platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud. As an integrator for this solution, we were both pleased and convinced by this choice. In addition to the technical migration, the ERP and checkout software would be modified. This was issue to take into consideration within the project which also made the challenge that much more interesting. We took advantage of this information to suggest an evolution in the functional scope such as the lookbook, store locator, e-merchandising, etc.

As with every project, there were several constraints to face: the brand asked us for a roll-out under 6 months. To guarantee the success of this re-platforming, we recommended using the existing templates configured with Prestashop to save development time and not start from scratch.

To perfectly meet the brand’s stakes, pragmatism was the order of the day! We then decided to rely on Site Genesis functions, a deployment accelerator which makes a generic e-commerce site available in record time. To guarantee the compatibility with Site Genesis, we conducted a gap analysis on the current ba&sh site.

An analysis which allowed us to guarantee 90% of the existing front-end functions. This exercise also allowed us to identify the evolution of other functions for a second go-round.

We suggested using the site’s existing HTML, CSS, and JS templates (under PrestaShop). The transformation of the FastMag flow with creation of data entry flows in SCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) was handled by the ba&sh teams.  The solution’s modular character offered us the possibility of capitalizing on preceding developments while our approach allowed us to incorporate needs not handled by the solution.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an agile platform which afforded us the possibility of drawing on contributions by our e-merchandising and SEO experts with an aim to increasing ba&sh site performance.


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