Adwords Brand Campaign: what for? Adwords Brand Campaign: what for?

Adwords Brand Campaign: what for?

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on 27 October 2016


Why do advertisers choose to activate ads for keywords that correspond to their brand?

It’s true after all. Why pay for traffic where the brand is already present in organic results? Wouldn’t it be possible to have the sales traffic volume but for free? A user who types a brand name into Google has already been gained by way of another lever (store traffic, word-of-mouth, Facebook Ads, etc.), so why add a paid click in the Internet user’s path?

Here’s a recap of the advantages of an Adwords brand campaign:

– Keeps the competition at bay

This is a very common phenomenon: your direct competitors invest in your brand to prospect an audience that is already qualified. A successful strategy for the competitor who often gains a high conversion rate for a very low CPC.

Beware of this practice: if you allow your competitors to develop, your keywords will become more competitive and the CPC will increase.

– Keeps your partners at bay

And it’s not just the competitors: your very own partners can take over your brand. There are many who adopt this method: marketplaces, price comparison sites, promotional code sites, cashbackers, etc.

Be particularly attentive to affiliates who are paid per CPA: when the conversion rate is high, it is common to pay out unnecessary commissions.

– Hides problematic information

Your brand has received negative opinions and they are showing up in search results. The brand campaign will force these opinions to a lower position in the page. This will prevent your audience from forming a negative opinion and turning away from purchasing your brand.

– Your brand is misspelled in searches?

It will sometimes happen that an Internet user makes typing mistakes and your brand will not appear in organic searches. Use a Brand campaign to target these search sequences which are not possible with SEO and guide the Internet user to your site!

Was this Internet user looking for “agat” or “Agatha”?


– Increase the overall click-through rate

Combining SEO + SEA means maximizing your brand’s click-through rate and slightly increasing traffic.

Yes, of course, I wrote slightly… that being said, on a site with high traffic levels, a 5% increase in the click-through rate can represent a high level of business.

– Personalization

The advantage of a brand campaign is to be able to personalize the message sent to the Internet user especially during promotional operations.

– Improve the overall quality score

Your brand keywords have the highest quality scores in an Adwords account. Take advantage of this to maximize your overall quality score at the account level.

So there’s an overview that will inform your thinking on brand campaigns. Watch the evolution of your brand’s CPC! Because it evolves as a function of its environment: competitor activity, increased traffic for example, TV campaigns.

Good to know: Google allows you to protect your brand (in part), a procedure that must be undertaken by identifying abusive use of your keywords by your competitors.


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Adwords Brand Campaign: what for?