What’s new in e-mail ? What’s new in e-mail ?

What’s new in e-mail ?

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on 21 December 2015


Within the CRM department, like in all altima° areas of expertise, we are continually searching for new tricks and tips to improve user experience and customer relations.

As you may have noticed  our recent French newsletters included several innovations.

Through  altima°’s different means of communication, we attempt to create and test new approaches in order to present our technical know-how through e-mails.

Newsletter septembre 2015                            E-commerce septembre 2015

What’s new?

‘’ An automatic slider and a mobile menu: both are functional! ’’

The continuous evolution of web mails and specifically smart phones’ native mailboxes allows us greater freedom in the use of CSS and more specifically CSS3!

These changes open up the gates to new email user experiences.

What for?

To stand out, to innovate, to gain attention, to push the evolution of e-mails even further.

We noticed that our readers’ attention span as well as that of email recipients in general is waning.
They spend only a few seconds reading e-mails.

It’s with these new innovations that we hope to re-capture their attention to get the right message at the right time to the right person.

Any ideas or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to share them with us!


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