Altima° to merge with Accenture Interactive Altima° to merge with Accenture Interactive

Altima° to merge with Accenture Interactive

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on 30 October 2017



We continue to amaze. After having conquered China, Russia, the United States, and Canada, we are prepared to take a new turn in a merger project with Accenture Interactive. An acquisition that will strengthen Accenture Interactive’s ability to advise companies on differentiated and engaging experiences, to build their client loyalty and recruit new ones in France and other key markets such as North America and China.

About Accenture Interactive

The number one digital agency in the world, Accenture Interactive is structured around 4 major pillars of expertise: design and innovation, marketing, content, and trade. The agency is also one of the world’s largest consulting companies. Accenture counts 425,000 people in over 120 countries.

A Complementary Merger

With complementary expertise and international locations, we were mutually won over by this project and a common ambition: creating the best possible experiences for our clients.

“Today, more than ever, it’s through the consumer’s experience that brands succeed in attracting new customers or to the contrary, in losing them,” stated Anatoly Roytman, head of Accenture Interactive Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America, and Digital Commerce Director for Accenture globally.  “Coupling altima skills with those of Accenture Interactive will support our ambition to create the best possible experiences for our clients.”

“altima° and Accenture Interactive share the same culture of innovation and the same desire to re-think the commerce of tomorrow” declared Arnaud Monnier, altima° CEO. “We are thrilled by the opportunity to join the largest digital network in the world. The global reach of Accenture Interactive will bring a new dimension to the work we do for our clients and will afford our employees new career opportunities. “

altima° would become a major stakeholder in Accenture Interactive France, Accenture Interactive Canada, and Accenture Interactive China. 

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Altima° to merge with Accenture Interactive