Altima° opens their agency in NEW YORK ! Altima° opens their agency in NEW YORK !

Altima° opens their agency in NEW YORK !

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on 18 November 2014


It’s official!
After developing 2 agencies in China (Beijing & Shanghai) and 1 in Russia in Moscow, welcome to our new agency in New York.

Why New York?
Because we’re all dreaming of the Big Apple!

In all seriousness though, we are pursuing our international objective and investing in a new continent.
Aurélien Coste, the associate director of our New York agency has been working in the city for seven years. He has assisted a number of chains with their digital communication strategy and their social media presence.
Before taking off for his American adventure, Aurelien was a consultant at altima°. Between wanting to work together again and being able to meet the client’s international needs, there was only one step to take… and that’s done!

This new agency will enable us not only to develop our services abroad, to assist our clients who would like to set up or improve their e-commerce development in the United States, but also to propose a local consulting service for American clients wishing to invest in the European and Chinese markets.

alima° in New York is about new professional opportunities and a new adventure for our teams. Welcome New York, we’re happy to have you with us!

If you have any projects you’d like to have a chat about, don’t hesitate to get in touch :


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Altima° opens their agency in NEW YORK !