Agility, Transversality, Data: The digital agency of tomorrow serves the user experience Agility, Transversality, Data: The digital agency of tomorrow serves the user experience

Agility, Transversality, Data: The digital agency of tomorrow serves the user experience

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on 30 October 2017


After 2016, which showed 40% growth, the first semester of 2017, is highlighted by the signing on of prestigious clients: L’Oréal Paris, the Seb Group, Le Duff, IRO, Ubisoft, and Voyage Privé, as well as a strong move by the agency for its North American subsidiary with the acquisition of the Konversion agency. altima°’s ambition? To pursue its (dazzling) ascension in user experience and digital marketing.

A differentiated position
Our partners or prospects sometimes ask if we are a consulting firm or a digital agency. We are one and the other, and that’s what makes our difference.

Every day we work with our clients to define their strategy and we help them deploy its implementation: from the relational promise and user experience to deployment of data collection systems, ad campaign management and even crm.

A difference that can be found within our model: agile and transverse. Like a consulting firm or a specialized agency, certain brands contact us, for example, exclusively for the creation of Facebook campaigns use their CRM data; or to define their international analytics strategy and to succeed in the deployment of Google Analytics in a multi-brand and multi-country environment.

While others finally seek support for global digital activation. Our action begins then with the strategy, on to technical implementation by way of e-marketing systems.

This agile organization offers clients 360° support while also providing them with teams with leading edge expertise equal in level to consulting firms.

Classic model vs Agile model
Our ability to keep our expertise at the “top level” is fundamentally linked to our organization. At altima°, a BU is an expertise. Our desire is that every one of our consultants be an expert in his or her domain. A rather classic model commonly referred to as silos.

Silos in an organization that calls itself agile? The trend to “desilo” as the Direct Marketing Editing Manager recently called it, is a true phenomenon which has emerged recently. To free ourselves from a vertical organization model for a horizontal model of expertise would make no sense and would even limit the progress of the talent within. Transversality cannot be created within a same expertise but results from the ability of the different expertise groups to work together.

We consider that our managers have an essential role not only in the development of our talent pool’s skills but also in the building of bridges between each expert, within the agency but also with clients or other service providers.

When agility met transversality
Our leitmotiv: an agile approach. A structure that we provide to each of our clients by way of dedicated inter-expertise teams that work daily to serve the user experience. Because the user experience is built over time and through interactions that we create and curate across all channels between the user and the brand. This is what drives our teams daily and it’s with this goal in mind that our processes constantly evolve.

The other cornerstone is found in the lead person, who vouches for this transversality, from facilitating objectives to keeping the promise that everyone serves. Regardless of the title, Product Owner, Digital Strategist or even Consulting Director, the lead operates, analyzes and constantly identifies the opportunities and optimization leads in client systems. S/he establishes and gives life to the client’s digital marketing roadmap using a test & learn approach. Ideas are tested and actions constantly measured. The lead’s goal is to seek out skill! Regardless of where it is to be found: at altima°, our clients, service providers, or competitors. The lead serves the client, the relational promise, and the experience more than s/he serves his/her own agency.

From the relational promise to strategic planning
To define an experience, one must have a vision (through knowledge of the market) and lend an ear (to listen to the client). Our role is not to define the DNA, nor to build our clients’ brand platforms. Our role is to build a user experience culture at OUR clients. A culture that necessarily rests on a relational promise in sync with the brand platform and the right key indicators.

Historically, altima° has worked with the big e-commerce players but also leaders in banking, finance, and insurance. As a result, our approach was centered on the permanent search for commercial performance, which slowly and naturally evolved towards performance in the USER EXPERIENCE.

The relational promise is a rational expression of the brand. It establishes the true base for our clients’ (digital) marketing strategy. Complex work which requires true talent. It’s to this effect that Stéphane BACCARRERE joined us this year as Strategic Planning Director. I love his vision of the profession: “to create these meeting points between the brand and its prospects / customers”.
Strategic planning is the indispensable tool for the transversality of our client support and our experts’ future actions.

Experience resides in data
This is not a hypothesis but a reality. Unquestionably. Pathways personalization develops every day in the digital as much as offline. Technological evolutions and use of collected data enable even more curating of user pathways from the start of the conquering phase, the brands.

Digitalization of sales outlets offers brands all possibilities and opportunities. It’s in this manner that over the past years we have seen the emergence of DATA and that we have chosen to concentrate our efforts there: from issues with listening, knowledge of the user or digital analytics to the building of DataWareHouse and DataLake. To better support our clients on these subjects, a team of experts has been built around Perrine DEWALLY, our Technology Marketing Director. A key position that simultaneously provides marketing and technological expertise to each of our clients. Because everyone understands the need for support in these new areas and deployment of the appropriate technological stack.

…. And communication
Over the past 20 years, we chose to focus our efforts on developing our know-how to serve our clients and sometimes to the detriment of communicating publicly. Whether an excuse or not, it’s high time to work on know-how. Because transparency is one of the agency’s values. Too often, we share information internally only. Not because we lack matter or we are afraid, but by lack of habit and reflex.
We are however very busy at events relative to our expertise and client issues. We permanently communicate with our partners and competitors on the latest professional trends.

We will now take the floor! Because our story is beautiful and we build beautiful stories, we need only share more of them. This is our next challenge.



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Agility, Transversality, Data: The digital agency of tomorrow serves the user experience