Guérin Jewelers increases its conversion rate fourfold! Guérin Jewelers increases its conversion rate fourfold!

Guérin Jewelers increases its conversion rate fourfold!

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on 11 May 2018


Since its creation in 1969, Guérin Jewelers has always shaken up the rules of traditional jewelers albeit with a love of know-how and precision but above all the desire to create jewelry alive with emotion.  Five years ago, the brand was purchased by the Galéries Lafayette group and positioned as a contemporary and trendy yet affordable brand.

We have been working with the brand for less than a year with an aim to improving its online performance and user experience. Last June, Guérin Jewelers observed some anomalies: a good number of results didn’t correspond to user searches, the suggestions were limited, and the distinction between products and ranges wasn’t clear. After reviewing the issues and the brand’s ambition, we set objectives, and suggested the following recommendations.

An audit defined 5 objectives

  • Improve the search engine’s relevance by way of 4 key functions: relevance, tolerance for spelling errors, semantic search, multi-source catalogue search, and editorial content.
  • Suggest a real search pathway: offer a simplified buying experience so the user feels supported and guided throughout the site.
  • Improve the customer experience and the presentation of Guérin Jewelers products to facilitate auto-completion search and the results page.
  • Be able to measure the business impact of these optimizations through web analysis.
  • Ensure the autonomy of the business teams with training on the Algolia tool..

Recommended Strategy

  • Incorporate structured auto-completion: to guide visitors, to facilitate access to the site’s pages and to give the users an overview of the product catalogue during the search pathway.
  • Incorporate one-click suggest: to give advice in line with components of jewelry and reassurance (choice of ring size, advice on care of jewelry) and long-term, to highlight commercial operations.
  • Offer an alternative to requests with 0 results: with the aim of preventing user frustration when users do not find what they want.
  • Suggest relevant results and filters: to allow organized browsing and a ranking adapted to commercial objectives.

To ensure accomplishment of these recommendations, we developed an aid for the choice of the searchandising tool. 2 players were selected: Algolia, a searchandising tool and Sensefuel, a personalized search engine.

We selected Algolia which better met the functional needs expressed by Guérin Jewelers. Additionally, Algolia is an open source tool, a non-negligible characteristic.

And in practice

Implementation of one-click suggest: a click on the browser bar, and a layer of 3 suggestions is displayed to highlight advice on care of jewelry.

Incorporation of enriched and responsive auto-completion with suggestions organized in 3 categories: products, associated product categories, and items.

Creation and incorporation of a 0 results page with an aim to offer at a minimum 3 primary entry points to the product catalogue.

Incorporation of dynamic filter facets with a hierarchy in the search results page.

Highlighed value proposition on the product sheets: incorporation of basic views and worn views. The possibility of adding products directly to the wish list, of hiding prices, while offering reassurance.

The Results

  • 7% of the sessions used the search engine as opposed to 4% at N-1
  • A conversion rate that increased fourfold for visitors who used the search engine (desktop and mobile)
  • 8% of requests generated a “no result” as opposed to 30% at N-1
  • The rate of reaching a product sheet was multiplied by 2
  • 40% decrease in the results page exit rate: 12.2% as opposed to 20.2% at N-1

If you want to improve your search engine performance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Download the case study here It’s discreet, lightweight, and will highlight the icons on your desk. And it’s 19-carat!


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Guérin Jewelers increases its conversion rate fourfold!