The Bic Shave Club is revolutionizing shaving ! The Bic Shave Club is revolutionizing shaving !

The Bic Shave Club is revolutionizing shaving !

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on 2 May 2017


There’s no need for any presentation, you know Bic. It’s THE BRAND par excellence in DISPOSABLE RAZORS. Very well known in this sector, Bic decided to move forward, to challenge itself and to forge into the rechargeable razors sector by launching a heretofore practically nonexistent offer on the French market: a subscription for razor blades delivered to your home as often as you decide.
Our challenge? To make BIC a legitimate player in system razors, more commonly known as rechargeable razors, and monopolized by the giants Gillette and Wilkinson.
A new brand, a new position, a new offer: to be capable of installing a new universe while ensuring efficient e-commerce. That’s the challenge of our strategy!

# Offer 
A true revolution for the brand and shaving, Bic Shave Club is a subscription presented in the shape of a box. The first month, you receive your Shave Box with a free handle and a rechargeable 4-blade kit based on your frequency: monthly or bi-monthly. A very affordable beauty box, the Bic Shave Club makes for happy men with 40% savings per every shave.

# Brand Identity
With this new offer, we aimed for a higher upscale position. Bic is a popular brand that’s available to everyone so we used the overall brand’s pillars to build a complete digital strategy. In-depth discussion and study ensued with the creative teams and the strategic planner to create a modern and innovative brand image.

# Concept
In line with Bic’s values: simplicity, transparence, empathy, affordability and un-self-consciousness, a concept emerged that resonated: the human brand.

We focused the expression around product use by taking the opposite position of cosmetic brands that often rely on ideas of perfection and performance relayed by their muses. For us, man would sublimate the product and nothing else.

Bic Shave Club speaks to the un-self-conscious man, who’s comfortable with himself and clever enough to be on the lookout for the latest good deals! Based on that analysis, we identified a typical profile that we submitted to the client. The brand accepted, and we were determined to find our model for the photo shoot. We called on an agency and very quickly, a favorite surprised us.

# On to the Mock-Ups
The brief was simple: be creative and efficient in only 4 months. So to meet the brand’s objectives and ambitions, we bet on the simple and the real! We made the product the star, we present few elements on the screen to persuade the user in 4 scrolls.

Because, in the end, Bic Shave Club is simple, inventive, reliable and intended for EVERYONE. We won’t say any more. We’ll let you see for yourselves.


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The Bic Shave Club is revolutionizing shaving !