Olivier Staebler,PMO/UX Lead Olivier Staebler,PMO/UX Lead

Olivier Staebler,PMO/UX Lead

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on 30 October 2017


After having spent 5 years in the French navy, I went back to school to change to a purely creative profession. By way of my professional experience, I discovered the area of the web and more specifically, UX.

With solid experience in user-centric design but also in project management, Olivier joined altima as a PMO/UX consultant and quickly grew the department enabling him to hire a good little team.

But what is PMO/UX?

“It’s a double skill developed within the digital transformation team. It consists in having solid knowledge in design to support the client in his/her approach in terms of project organization as well as design centered on the user. On the agenda, listening skills, understanding stakes and constraints, implementing organizational solutions but also design methods, or leading workshops and design. “

Being PMO/UX means having mastered both experience design and project management!

Within alima°, the PMO/UX teams have a true specificity: they are dedicated to one and only one client. In the case of Olivier and his team, they concentrate all their efforts on a telephone operator.

As a PMO/UX lead, eight designers report to Olivier. He is a member of the client companies’ “digital transformation” teams, an expertise which consists in supporting the principle of service design. The service design dimension goes beyond UX, “it means rethinking any service as a whole whether digital or not.”  This translates as working with the client to rethink what s/he wants to do. “We suggest the same strategy used by Uber to our clients, that’s to say, to center on the user’s fundamental need in order to deploy one or more new services in the simplest way possible.

His day-to-day

Team management and support in its project management and client relations.

“Long-term, I would like to develop the client portfolio to supervise new teams and concentrate on the creative part of the business by way of service design.

altima° according to Olivier

Above all else, it’s competent people with whom one can talk about anything and everything. There’s a surprising ambiance for an agency with a staff of 350. But even if there are a lot of us, the human factor is important and discernible.

Interested in learning more? Drop by the Paris agency on a Wednesday: the entire team is present!





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Olivier Staebler,PMO/UX Lead