Hey Duggee: Long live vector illustration! Hey Duggee: Long live vector illustration!

Hey Duggee: Long live vector illustration!

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on 12 April 2017


There are some subjects that, for whatever reason, we hold near and dear. Vector illustration is one that we share in the design hub in Roubaix. Beyond resulting from the use of an illustrator software, it has become a true graphic style in its own right. Numerous illustrators have made this technique their own and with great talent.

So it came as a great joy the day we discovered “Hey Duggee”. A children’s series that is entirely produced in one of the most innovative animation studios in the United Kingdom, Studio Aka.

Signed by Grant Orchard, this series has everything to make us happy and titillate our knowing retinas. Playful, fresh, colorful and humorous – British humor, of course!

This visual treatment, often playful and fresh, is more and more present on our screens, magazines, web sites, apps, etc. On the web, where the profusion of all sorts of images and photos (stock, etc.) are overflowing, illustration is a good medium for expressing notions or concepts that are a little abstract as well as creating real identity and visual impact that’s brand-specific.

HiOscar, a health insurance company in the US has made it a strength. You’ll find illustrations on their site but also in all their advertising especially a series of short films that present their offer.


Uber also dressed its site with magnificent illustrations used like pictograms, tagging different page sections and dressing the site footer.


Another example, the meditation and health application, Headspace.


In the design hub, we have had the opportunity to work several subjects, sites or show reels where illustration has a preponderant place. Here are some examples of works signed altima°.


Anxiously looking forward to the next project!!!

Laurent & Fabien



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Hey Duggee: Long live vector illustration!