Surf current events in your emails Surf current events in your emails

Surf current events in your emails

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on 1 February 2016


We have all seen advertising that uses annual or calendar events.

But recently, the trend has been growing and another means of communication has appeared which surfs current events, film premiers, series, unexpected events, breaking news, and politics. Newsjacking!

What is Newsjacking?

Wikipedia would suffice to say that Newsjacking is a “marketing technique which grabs a news event to twist it. This allows organizations to use the news trend for advertising or public relations”. I would add that above all, Newsjacking creates visibility by grabbing a news event.

The goal is not to present in-depth information but to generate media coverage for yourself, to build brand recognition, and to create a buzz! And in addition, you generate goodwill with Internet users who love this kind of content.

Widespread in the social networks like Twitter and Facebook, Newsjacking is slowly making its way into your emails.

So, this winter don’t be surprised to see at least several times the famous “Winter is coming” phrase from Game of Thrones, twisted in different ways.


The target must relate to the event: for example, Zeb who pitches the movie “50 Shades of Grey”.

Monoprix using COP21 to sell its organic products.

As for Domino’s Pizza, it used the Star Wars movie to launch a new range of pizzas.


Perfect timing of the email

To capitalize on the news impact, it is imperative to grab it at the right moment: too early, it could have the effect of a wet firecracker, while if it’s too late, it will lose its exclusive and surprising nature.

Newsjacking is a discipline that is played in the moment.

Advantages of Newsjacking in emails

1/ Grabs more of the prospect’s attention and adds value to the message conveyed or the products presented. Moreover, if you follow the news, you demonstrate open-mindedness and it brings the brand closer to your readers.

2 / Demonstrates the brand’s reactivity

3 / Surprises your readers and avoids routine

4/ Makes the customer feel privileged and you create a closer connection.

Avoid “negative” events

However be careful not to use subject matters that are heavy, delicate or painful: these could turn away the customer. The goal is to surf current events in a playful manner so you can sell better – not repel customers by using anxiety-producing topics that won’t make them want to visit your site.

A last word of advice: be as original and as creative as possible in order to single yourself out and be daring!

When faced with all the emails people receive every day, it’s certain that originality pays off: revolutionize your rules and you’ll be in the spotlight.

So boost your emails’ click-through rate by wisely using Newsjacking which will help you to stand out from the crowd!


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Surf current events in your emails