Questionnaires in emails. Good or bad idea? Questionnaires in emails. Good or bad idea?

Questionnaires in emails. Good or bad idea?

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on 11 July 2016


For some time now, we have observed that more and more emails contain forms or questionnaires. The latter can prove to be very useful if one wants to collect data but including them in an email does not seem the best way to go about it.

Does it work?

Generally, yes.
And as you can see in the chart below, most webmails display the forms correctly or almost correctly.

Campaign Monitor
Source: Campaign Monitor


So, let’s use it? Hmmm… it depends!

Everything depends on the data base and the desired customer contact.
There are however different points to highlight:
– The form’s design cannot be modified, or not easily so. And for some webmails, that’s not always pretty. So it may be difficult to respect your graphic guidelines.
– Forms in emails are not common, and pop-up warnings or pop-ins are to be expected, for example, this mail may contain a virus, all of which can make many people wary.
– Anti-spam filters are changing all the time and it’s quite possible that your email may be considered spam or worse, attempted fraud.

So what do we do?

If you really want to use a form, place it in an image with a link that redirects to the hosted form.
The best solution, in my opinion, is to present the form with an introductive text and a call to action that incites action and redirects to a landing page.
This will allow you to check emails and form content in real time, to have a responsive version that adapts to all devices and a homogenous graphic result on all browsers!

Source: Campaign monitor


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Questionnaires in emails. Good or bad idea?