EDF ENR customer support along their entire purchase pathway EDF ENR customer support along their entire purchase pathway

EDF ENR customer support along their entire purchase pathway

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on 20 August 2018


EDF ENR is a major player in photovoltaic solar systems and self-sufficiency for individuals, professionals, and communities. To stay at the top of their sector, this EDF subsidiary’s marketing teams asked us to work with them to redefine their customers’ pathways. With an average of 300 days between the first customer contact and the start of a photovoltaic installation, this was a tall order! To attain their objective, we suggested a method based on joint construction workshops to break-out the steps in a pathway, to identify the touch points, and to define the messages.

Identification of the Steps

PCs forbidden, smartphones in silence mode, and a stock of Post-it notes. The first step in our support consisted in organizing a workshop with the EDF ENR teams to identify all the steps which compose their B2B and B2C customer pathways.

For an exhaustive view of all the steps, we gathered representatives from the marketing, acquisition, communication, and sales teams. Over the course of a day, we detailed all the steps customers take from their first contact with EDF ENR on through the startup of their installation.

Several hundred Post-it notes later, we had a matrix which detailed all the steps, the customer expectations for each and the opportunities for EDF ENR.

Definition of the Interactions

During the second workshop, we tackled identifying opportunities for contact at each step of the identified pathways.

To do so we started by listing all the possible interactions between the prospect/customer and EDF ENR. Once these interactions were identified, we defined the objectives for each based on type: transactional, relationship, or contractual.

At the end of this second day of workshops, we were now in possession of a list of all the interactions between EDF ENR and its customers.

Channel and Content

For this final workshop, we looked at content for the messages which would be sent to EDF ENR customers. Starting with the list of interactions defined during the preceding workshop, we then identified the channel to be used for contacting the customer: email, SMS, mail, or telephone.

We then listed the content to be developed for each of these messages.

Finally, we started to identify the first timing and the events that would trigger the launch of these messages.

The Result

With our support and the active participation of its teams, EDF ENR now has a clear view of its B2B and B2C customer pathways.

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EDF ENR customer support along their entire purchase pathway