Better customer knowledge for Jacob Delafon Better customer knowledge for Jacob Delafon

Better customer knowledge for Jacob Delafon

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on 24 May 2018


Over 125 years of existence, and the best is yet to come! A key player in the bathroom fixtures market, Jacob Delafon embodies French refinement and elegance with just a touch of irreverence.
End 2016, the Jacob Delafon teams contacted us for support in improving their customer knowledge. To meet this request, we implemented an action plan based on 3 areas: centralized data, implementation of a customer pathway, and creation of new supporting materials.

A “Customer-Centric” Vision

The first project consisted in putting in place a tool to gather all the available customer data regardless of the customer contact point or type (individual or professional).
To do so, we implemented a single customer view (SCV) that aggregates all data collected on the Jacob Delafon site daily as well as those that come from customer relations management tools or other countries.

As a result, Jacob Delafon now has a clear view of all its customers, and everything is accessible with a single tool.

Automated Marketing

The second project was geared to customer animation with the implementation of a customer pathway that was freed of existing tools. An installer customer signs up on the Jacob Delafon site but s/he doesn’t use the social network dedicated to the profession in the French marketplace? With the information available in the SCV, we were able to put in place a welcome pathway that redirects this target to the dedicated site.

With these new pathways, Jacob Delafon’s prospects and customers are now better welcomed and redirected to content or services better suited to their profiles.

Content Production

The last step consisted in putting these new pathways to music by creating and incorporating different emails in the SCV. Our Factory teams set to the task of creating different support materials that make up the pathway while being attentive to boosting the Jacob Delafon image in line with the graphic and editorial guidelines.

The result? Responsive emails that are refined and elegant and reflect our client.

You can download the case study right here!


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Better customer knowledge for Jacob Delafon