altima° x SoCoo’c: More Clever Together altima° x SoCoo’c: More Clever Together

altima° x SoCoo’c: More Clever Together

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on 20 March 2018


SoCoo’c is the kitchen specialist that offers trendy, clever installations that are easy to put in place. This 100% French brand is founded on mastery of high quality inherited from the Fournier Habitat Group which also owns Mobalpa and Perene.

In 2015, given the success of its sales outlets, the brand looked for support in its digital development in order to meet its ambitions. They looked into finding a partner agency. We were chosen!

Discovery Phase

Immersion, diagnosis, staff interviews, mystery store shoppers: everything was done to learn the brand’s most minute details. Once this phase was passed, the altima teams moved into action mode.

Onward, march!

altima° undertook a consulting mission in strategy. We used a complete UX/design methodology (analysis, framing, etc.) which led to the creation of personas and user pathways, support in the digital strategy definition as well as all the associated projects.

In 2017, SoCoo’c celebrated its 10th anniversary and the CRM actions were put in place!

At SoCoo’c, “The battle for the customer is won on the web before being won in the store”. As a result, the CRM team moved forward to work on optimization of the customer relationship by way of the customer pathway design and automated marketing.

Our CRM actions in practical terms

The objectives

– work with SoCoo’c customers during their entire path to purchase (from making an appointment online to the actuall installation of their kitchen).

– simplify work for the Kitcheners (SoCoo’c sales associates) and standardize customer communication.

Approach and methodology

– mapping of all the steps in the customer path to purchase.

– completely redefine the prospect and customer paths to purchase as well as all the steps in the purchase cycle (from scheduling the appointment to the kitchen installation and all the steps in a kitchen project).

– identify opportunities for contact at each step.

– within the different steps, identify the possible interactions between the prospects/customers and the SoCoo’c Kitcheners.

– define the opportunities for verbal and real contact as well as the associated content and channels.

– produce the different responsive email formats destined to prospects and customers, and sent by the brand or the Kitcheners (automated marketing and content library).

Customer Benefits

– a clear prospect/customer pathway.

– new levers to boost conversion, welcome new customers, give visibility on ongoing projects, measure customer satisfaction and anticipate a renewed purchase.

– tools for regular and very transparent communication on the progress of projects.

– an email library available to the sales staff so they keep a hand in the dialogue with the customer while guaranteeing SooCoo’c’s editorial unity.


Gains in productivity, more store traffic, an evolution in brand awareness, the Kitchener remains at the center of the process, improved customer satisfaction, and a personal relationship with the customers.

And because both SoCoo’c and altima° love long-lasting stories that end well, in 2018, the site’s redesign is planned. More with the next episode!

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altima° x SoCoo’c: More Clever Together