DX3 2017: altima° & Tough Mudder in Toronto DX3 2017: altima° & Tough Mudder in Toronto

DX3 2017: altima° & Tough Mudder in Toronto

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on 14 March 2017



Last week Rudy Abitbol and I had the pleasure of participating in Toronto’s DX3 2017. It was a great couple days of bumping shoulder’s with the area’s brightest digital marketing minds, both established and aspiring. We learned a lot from presenters representing organizations like Walmart, LCBO, Sears, and more. I was also there to drop a little knowledge of my own, partnering with Tough Mudder’s Celia Mulderrig to share optimization campaigns that generated sales in the present and prepared us to meet Tough Mudder’s challenges of the future.

In short, we demonstrated initial partnership goals when we joined forces 2 years ago. Altima° performed a website optimization audit that analyzed Tough Mudder’s Google Analytics data to identify pain points in the customer journey, and suggested general recommendations for rectifying them. We then moved on to apply these recommendations to multivariate testing campaigns that improved Tough Mudder’s conversion rate and average order values. Optimizations successfully encouraged event enrollment, benefitting both Tough Mudder and its customers.

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More recently, Tough Mudder has shifted its focus from quick-win optimizations to more ambitious strategies meant to meet the following challenges:

  • Including new product offerings in a website that was built to support 1 event type. Product introductions included “Tough Mudder Half” for a more casual participant, and “Toughest Mudder” for those looking to compete against experienced athletes.
  • An emphasis on Tough Mudder events as premium products. Their investment in research and innovation is unmatched in the industry. This differentiator is easily understood, but not currently embedded across a customer’s path to enrollment.
  • Opportunities for improved customer connections. With televised events from media partners like ESPN, CBS Sports, and the CW, Tough Mudder is reaching a wider audience than ever. The brand needs to ensure its digital presence is structured to capitalize on this influx in traffic and the patterns it follows.

Now, rather than performing touch-ups on existing web templates, altima° is tasked with a more dramatic redesign of 5 key pages across customers’ paths to enrollment. The beauty of this strategic evolution is that testing has provided us with a wealth of customer knowledge to build upon. For example, we’re able to take cue from a successfully executed test on the Event List page that demonstrated how to implement a filter that matches customers to events of interest. This test, among others, allows us to suggest an efficient and effective redesign with greater confidence in ROI.


In the end, I hope the audience was able to consider Tough Mudder’s approach to strategic evolution and how it might apply to their own business goals. As Celia mentioned, there is no existing playbook for mud-run event marketing. They’re tasked with writing it themselves. By testing data-backed optimizations, Tough Mudder was able to amass an arsenal of customer insights that set the stage for the future, but also turned ROI as they were implemented. Can these same methods be applied to your brand?

The presentation isn’t easily understood without accompanying dialogue but don’t let that stop you from taking a spin through Slideshare – especially if you were in the crowd and want to relive the magic. Don’t hesitate to reach out to rudy@altima-agency.ca for a more in-depth exploration of our partnership with Tough Mudder.




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DX3 2017: altima° & Tough Mudder in Toronto