Customer Log-in at Checkout: friend or foe? Customer Log-in at Checkout: friend or foe?

Customer Log-in at Checkout: friend or foe?

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on 12 April 2017


This is Zack’s excerpt from Addressy’s “Magento Checkout Checklist”. Please visit the link to download the full report and learn checkout optimization strategies from 6 more industry experts.

In the realm of e-commerce, it’s expected that the first stage of checkout might be a prompt to sign-in to an account, create an account, or continue as guest. Why though? Tell me, other than adding a step to the fragile checkout process, what justifiable advantage does this page bring?

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Customers with existing accounts shouldn’t need much encouragement to sign-in. Anyone who’s ever gladly bypassed credit card detail entry on mobile can attest to this. Pair just that with the ability to earn loyalty rewards, and visitors should seek out the feature themselves. Under Armour recognizes this and defaults shoppers to guest checkout. The opportunity to sign-in is clearly available, but there’s no extra step in the path to conversion.

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A common benefit to creating customer profiles is the ability for retailers to connect shoppers with abandoned carts. It’s 2017 though, and there are less disruptive ways to accomplish this. All you need is a cookie and/or an email address. For example, cost effective tools can register shopper actions like moving a cursor towards an exit point and prompt them to enter an email for discounts on similar products.

If you’re dedicated to data, consider allowing new customers to complete the checkout process. Then, kindly ask if you can apply the info they’ve provided to the creation of a new account, relaying a couple benefits of doing so along the way. Having already provided billing and shipping details, they’ll just need to set up a password. Take note of this example from Victoria’s Secret.

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Customer data is undoubtedly valuable when applied correctly. Sometimes the risk of losing a few customers with sign-up is outweighed by the ability to connect with those that are registered. If you’ve got such sophisticated marketing mechanisms in place, consider taking cue from L.L. Bean and ask for the bare minimum. Then, offer shoppers the opportunity to complete a more robust profile later on down the line. Once more, be sure to spell out the benefits of doing so.

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If you’re looking for ways to further optimize your e-comm checkout experience, contact Please also be sure to read the full “Magento Checkout Checklist” compiled by Addressy.


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Customer Log-in at Checkout: friend or foe?