Analytics and Conversion: Tips & Tricks #1 Analytics and Conversion: Tips & Tricks #1

Analytics and Conversion: Tips & Tricks #1

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on 25 April 2017


It’s Friday and we’re all anxious for the weekend to begin so we won’t lie, the most intelligent way to bide time until the end of the day is to do a little monitoring of what’s to be found on the net!

Nothing revolutionary here, I just want to share a f Let’s begin with Visual Website Optimizer and production testing beyond the preview module.

Personally, I’ve never launched a test without checking it first under real conditions as even if the A/T testing tool previews are more and more reliable, there are always small differences, slow loading times, etc. Some tools like Optimizely have functions that can be used in the browser console such as optimizely.variationNamesMap which sends the ongoing test ID to the page as well as the test version you’re working with.

With VWO, it’s a little bit more complicated to figure out where you are with a big MVT test or to change combinations on the fly. In a previous article, Mathieu presented the switch technique, which consisted in creating a bookmark with a script that made it possible to read and modify the cookie containing the number of the test combination to display.



While functional and practical, this method is still a little “patch-up” especially when, for example, shared with the client. I recently discovered an alternative to the switch with the browser extension EditThisCookie.


The approach is simple. The extension lists the cookies and you then find the key that contains the number of the combination:


Then, by displaying the cookie information, the combination number that you’re on is displayed. In this same spot, you can change the number and accept to display your choice of combination:


A final bit of information that’s good to know: the control combination has a value of 1 and not 0. I hope that you’ll find these tips useful for your future implementations and have an excellent weekend!


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Analytics and Conversion: Tips & Tricks #1