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Google Premier Partner

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on 11 July 2016


Are you familiar with the Google Partner program? It’s a label delivered by Google who guarantees the partner’s mastery of Google products. This by way of a series of certifications to validate knowledge of different specializations (Search, Shopping, Mobile, Display, Video).
The program has been called into question several times: the certifications were deemed too simple, the partner selection lacked requirements. After all, an international agency could be certified in the same way a freelancer could.

Google Premium Partner

Google has since created a new partner label: Google Premium Partner. This new label is reserved for a limited number of agencies with high spending levels. altima° has just been certified Google Premier Partner and has the benefit of reinforced Google support further to obtaining the label.

Google Partner Premier

A new system

Specializations are also attributed to each Google partner (Search, Mobile, Google Shopping, Youtube, Display). The awarding of these specializations is based on several criteria, all of which have not been made public, but we know it is a matter of passing the certifications and maintaining a stable spending level for each specialization.
These new factors are certainly a good initiative to better know the partners. However, let’s not kid ourselves; the program currently lacks visibility and we may fear that too many actors will have the benefit of a “Premier” label. There are quite a lot of partners and it’s not certain that the distinction between the 2 labels will be sufficient.


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