Google Ad Grants : Google AdWords for Non Profit Organizations Google Ad Grants : Google AdWords for Non Profit Organizations

Google Ad Grants : Google AdWords for Non Profit Organizations

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on 13 February 2015


For those of you who are not familiar with Google Ad Grants, it’s a program intended for charitable non profit organizations , allowing them to spend up to 10 000$ budget on AdWords, more than enough to compete with most of the regular advertisers.

If your organization is recognized as a charitable organization and has its own website, go ahead and check-out the process to submit your file to Google.

Now, if Google Grants uns on the regular AdWords interface, managing an account will present some notable differences compared to a regular account.

Here are 4 key points to keep in mind when you’re planning to open a Google Grants account:

  • Bidding is capped : Once in the program, your bids will be limited to 2$ per click (even if your account is in another currency). And since the other advertisers you will be competing with in your bids have a good chance of being also part of the program, don’t plan on taking the lead with your budget to get the top positions.
  • The Quality score on Grants : The time you will save on bid management will be spent on optimizing your quality score. Attention brought to click-through rate, proximity between the text of the ad and the user’s search request is all the more important as it will be your only way to influence on your ad’s position.
  • The program is limited to Google Search : Google AdGrants will only allow you to advertise on the Google search website with txt ads only. That means no display advertising and no Seach partners network. If you want to add a Display campaign to your AdGrants account, it is possible, but you will need to enter your bank information in the settings.
  • The temptation of targeting of a large volume keywords : The idea of targeting the largest volume of traffic seems appealing as the budget is pretty much “given” by Google. This strategy will actually backfire on you : by opening your target, you accept bringing a traffic further from your core public, that will present a CTR and conversion rate lower than average. Your quality score will get lower, as will your average position, including on your core campaigns.
  • Keep testing and optimizing: Just like any other account, you will need to spend some time on your account once the set up is done. Most users consider the program as granted and “free money”, but Google actually does regular follow ups to make sure that the program is useful for the advertisers. If Google considers you as an important account enough, you can become a Google Ad Grants Pro, with a monthly 40 000$ budget ! One of the main optimizations you’ll need to do is to check the search request on which you appear and manage the negative keywords.

Google AdGrants is a real advantage for any charity with a limited makrting budget. The program takes time and expertise to put in place but can, in many cases, become the first source of traffic by far for charity’s website. The strategy all comes down to finding the right balance between traffic volume and core public targeting.


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Google Ad Grants : Google AdWords for Non Profit Organizations