Facebook lead ads: First impressions Facebook lead ads: First impressions

Facebook lead ads: First impressions

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on 15 January 2016


We’re taking in more and more information on our mobiles, but they are more about getting information than actual conversion.
Facebook launched a new format to simplify the mobile conversion process a few weeks ago: Facebook lead ads, which is in direct competition with Twitter lead generation cards.

What’s the concept? Collect user information via an optimized mobile form that’s integrated directly into Facebook.

When a user clicks on your ad, a form that’s pre-filled in with the Facebook user’s information opens. The form fields can be personalized depending on the information you’d like to collect.
Only after filling in the form can you redirect the user to your site. This format makes it easier to collect mobile leads and lets your redirect them to your site. This is an opportunity to guide the prospect in the conversion funnel, because that’s where the real challenge lies: successfully engaging new prospects that haven’t had a lot of contact with your brand, products or services.

Newsletter sign-up, contact forms, sending a special offer, participating in an event… this format is great for reaching any number of goals. Take for instance a user who has abandoned their cart. They can be asked to sign up for a newsletter to hear about future deals.

We tested this format during the lead collection campaign for the new MINI Clubman. The goal was to incite users to request a test drive.

mini                                mini_2

The setup was similar to current Facebook campaigns, with access to all of the functionalities Facebook offers for mobile, only with the new format. So, you create your ad, set up your target and the kind of auction you’d like in order to personalize your form. After, all you have to do is activate your lead ads campaign to begin.

In the first results, we recorded a CPL divided by two compared to classic Facebook campaigns. To confirm the positive results of this campaign, we’d have to wait a few weeks to know whether or not the lead quality was really there.

Today facebook is offering a nice alternative for collecting information via a mobile device, a device that can’t be overlooked when it comes to acquisition strategy because it is more and more present in user’s pre-purchasing decision process.


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Facebook lead ads: First impressions