Facebook Business: Facebook sets up frequency capping for users Facebook Business: Facebook sets up frequency capping for users

Facebook Business: Facebook sets up frequency capping for users

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on 3 December 2015


The American social media giant is constantly releasing innovative updates in terms of online advertising, after having launched the “lookalike” or how to find your clients’ twins/how to talk to these clients by segmenting them on social networks.
Today, there is a new feature that Facebook is launching, with the possibility to limit the frequency per user.
What are the advantages of this new feature, and how can it be set up?

Manage prospect/client sales pressure
Putting in place a cap system per user for a time limit is an important subject in traffic management, especially when you’re paid in CPM (like on Facebook). It keeps your prospects & clients from being targeted by 150 views per day on the same network when they might not necessarily be interested in your product. Doing so might cause consumers to feel negatively towards your brand, ultimately damaging your reputation and brand image.

You have the possibility to set up different caps depending on your target: those who are more or less attracted to your products. This limit also provides you the possibility to reach more potential prospects by limiting the number of views per day per user. Facebook won’t target 1k users who will see the ad 100 times, but rather 10k users who will see it 10 times.

You can also set your limits depending on the type of visit for re-targeting. It is definitely interesting to modify the number of times your users see your ad for a user who has just abandoned his cart, for example, compared to a user who has just bounced from your home page.

Fulfill your objectives: how many people am I going to reach?
Yes, the second greatest strength of this new feature will enable you to know how many people you can reach according to your budget and in relation to your target.

For example: I would like to target people from 35 to 54 years old, couples, married people, engaged people, who enjoy gardening.

Using the Power Editor tool, create my campaign, I can choose the category “coverage & repetition”. After setting up your target, you can adjust the number of views per person and for how long.
Taking our example, I would like for my banner to be seen twice every 7 days by the same person for this campaign which will carry on throughout the month of December (1-31st Dec.).


Above, you have the audience projection: Your ad will be seen by 522K users for an average CPM of 2.83€, equivalent to a 5K€ media budget.
Your ad’s repetition for a user throughout the whole campaign (December) will be 3.39 on average. 1 is the minimum, 8 is the maximum because the limits allow for the ad to be displayed twice a week.

The set up: simple & easy to modify
As you might have guessed, setting up this feature is very easy. It’s simply the type of purchase of your campaign that changes. You can then modify the limits per day directly in your advertising group depending on your target.

In short, don’t hesitate to take this new feature for a spin!


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Facebook Business: Facebook sets up frequency capping for users