Claire Proffit, Acquisition Consultant,  with altima° for 1 year Claire Proffit, Acquisition Consultant,  with altima° for 1 year

Claire Proffit, Acquisition Consultant, with altima° for 1 year

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on 11 April 2017


Claire P


It was during my final internship that I discovered organic and paid search engine optimization. In joining BDBL, 4 and a half years ago, I drifted naturally to paid optimization.

Last year, altima° bought the digital marketing agency BDBL Media and that’s how Claire came to complete the acquisition expertise within the agency.

Her average day at altima°?

Management of a client portfolio on paid channels”. There are 3 parts to the business of acquisition consultant within the agency.

The strategic: as a function of the client brief and his/her objectives (primarily recognition and profitability), Claire will determine how best to adapt the paid acquisition levers. She will choose the platforms best adapted to meeting the objectives.

On a daily basis, Claire works with Adwords (Search, Google Display, Youtube & Shopping), Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter and display on the market’s primary DSPs. A DSP or Demand Side Platform is a service that allows advertisers and agencies to optimize their advertising space display purchases. She also uses international platforms like Yandex (Russia), Yahoo (Japan), Naver (Korea) and Baidu (China).

For existing clients, she mixes the strategies of existing campaigns (lessons learned) and tests whats new on the market (test and learn). The strategy for a new client is constructed in a collaborative mode in workshops that often involve several areas of expertise within the agency and different interlocutors at the client’s.

The operational: once the acquisition strategy has been accepted by the client, Claire takes on responsibility for the set-up and roll-out of the campaigns on the platforms. Afterwards, Claire monitors the campaigns to see how they function and to analyze their performance.

Analysis: finally, she is able to analyze the different campaigns and to make recommendations to the client for performance improvements.

During her years of experience, Claire has seen her job evolve, notably in terms of adapting the message to the target but also as a result of more thorough analysis of data by the platforms.

Thanks to her established rapport with Facebook and Google, Claire conducts beta testing for new formats proposed by the platforms. If the feedback is positive, she can then propose these innovative formats to her clients as soon as they come out.

To be a good acquisition consultant, one must “know how to develop and maintain a trust-based relationship with one’s client, to react quickly, to have a proper understanding of the risks, and above all, business experience.”

Her arrival at altima° enabled the team initially created by BDBL Media to expand. The team discusses and shares ideas on methodologies. This also opens up new possibilities like cross-business development which offers the client complementary skills.

This is my first work experience in a company with more than 10 employees! I discover new colleagues, new jobs and new perspectives.”

altima° according to you?

It’s a new start and new experiences to explore! Within the agency, there are a lot of organized events, things are always happening. And there are always beautiful opportunities since I’ll be joining the analytics and conversion team beginning March.

If you want to have a cup of green tea and test out your latest jokes, drop in and make a quick visit with Claire at the Paris agency.


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Claire Proffit, Acquisition Consultant, with altima° for 1 year