Boost your business with Facebook – Brussels Boost your business with Facebook – Brussels

Boost your business with Facebook – Brussels

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on 11 July 2016


The Facebook “Boost your business” tour took place last week in Brussels and it was an opportunity for us to visit our neighbors
Geared towards very small to medium-sized businesses and beginners, there were no previews or “advanced” conferences. But that being, it was an opportunity to pinpoint certain basics that are worthwhile mentioning here.

Have a true mobile strategy

In Belgium, 69% of users connect to the Internet only with their mobiles or tablets ! That figure may seem surprising but we have no choice but to observe that mobile traffic makes up a larger and larger share in our clients’ sites.
Mobile phones have also deeply changed user behavior. We live in the now! 5 minutes to get your hands on searched-for information ? Too long!
Matthew Laporte, Facebook SMB Manager for France and Belgium, explains that communication today must be immediate, expressive and immersive.

Tell me now, right away!

As you just read, Internet users do not want to wait, and we’ll see that to a certain extent, they cannot/will not wait. Advertisers must reinvent the way they dialogue with their customers and in an instantaneous manner.
The SNCF is an example and they work to use the Facebook Messenger app to meet this need: sending ticket reservations directly to the app, tracking orders, but also and above all, an instant chat. The customer, directly by way of Messenger, can ask the SNCF questions and quickly receive an answer.
More shared pictures in 2015 than in the past 10 years
When we say expressive, what we really mean is visual. And to understand the point, here are a few figures:
> 3 trillion: that’s the number of pictures published in 2015, as many as over the past 10 years!
> 13 milliseconds: that’s the time necessary to analyze and understand an image! As for a text, depending on its length of course, it’s closer to several seconds.
It is thus primordial to pay special attention to visual communication. And in several weeks, we’ll be back with a selection of apps and a few tips to ignite your Facebook (and other) visuals.

I’m not ready. Can we start next weekend?

It’s been true for several years but the load keeps building on our shoulders as consumers. The volume of content increases yearly whether photos, videos, or diverse and varied messages but our days still contain only 24 (very short) hours.
Have you ever been in the situation where, Smartphone in hand, you say to yourself, “OK, I’ll spend 5 minutes on Facebook, then I’ll quickly scan my Instagram […] cool video […] wait, I think I’ll share […] hmm Zara’s latest collection is quite nice […] article looks interesting […] […] […]”?
More and more, Internet users want to know how and where they will spend their time for the most “profitable” use. In that context, it’s up to you to grab their attention with pertinent content.gaphiqueArticle

Presentation by Alexander De Croo, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister

There was also a presentation by Alexander De Croo, who explained how, thanks to Facebook of course, the country was going to catch up and surpass its European neighbors with regards to their digital lag.
Among other things, we learned that Belgium was making all data that the government owns available at no charge. And that apparently, one need only ask. Enough to give the CNIL, the French National Data Protection Authority, the shivers. ;p
We won’t comment on his remark concerning French ego but we will remember an important phrase: finally, it’s not a technological revolution but a business model revolution. In citing Uber (of course!), it should be noted that it’s true that the application is not a technical jewel but that more importantly, the economic model completely reinvented a service that meets consumer needs.
In conclusion, but also in introduction to another important current subject: 67% of purchases that begin on one device can be completed on another!
How to unify the different paths today is a broad and complex subject but knowing that, don’t wait any longer to put a multiple-channel strategy in place and don’t overlook communication. Mobile is the world of “speedy” so do a quickie ad? No!

Don’t forget that the starting block on the computer is the search is but that the mobile experience goes by way of discovery.


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Boost your business with Facebook – Brussels