Club Med increased its conversion rate of the booking engine

Club Med increased its conversion rate of the booking engine

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le 6 novembre 2012


Here is a translation of a case study published 12 September 2011 by Vincent Bouton that you can find here.

We are currently working with Club Meb on conversion rate of the booking engine of their websites. Here is a case study related to our first optimisation campaign.

The challenge ?

« Improve the conversion rate of the checkout and understand customer behaviour in order to guide future evolution » Jérôme HIQUET – internet & CRM Director.

The checkout is in 40 countries with very different marketing contexts. There are 7 steps and a table html structure. The stake are significant and a tiny window of opportunity to launch a campaign during summertime. It is impossible to change pages’ content and the application’s code.

Our achievement

We have designed an optimised version of the booking engine’s process built around 3 bias :

– entice to check out,

– make content more readable,

– reduce distraction.

In order to test different hypotheses, we have designed 8 variants (ex : with or without the menu). The 8 variants were created only with CSS and Javascript (no change on website’s code at all) and tested in a 6 week long MVT campaign in multiple countries.


The winning version showed a 15% increase of the conversion rate and a small increasment of the average customer spending. It’s the same version that won in every country even if the uplift is not the same everywhere. The results show valuable information for the rest of the project (ex : new vs returning visitors, per country…). The ROI is immediate because the extra income of the 6 test weeks exceeded the cost of the mission.

 PDF > Download the case study

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Club Med increased its conversion rate of the booking engine